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Posted Jan 10 2022 13:50:58 in Registered Users
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Sell any file type, anywhere

Whether you sell eBooks, music, videos, photography, fonts, software, courses, digital art or any other downloadable product, Uploadfiles is the simplest way to get paid, securely.

No technical skills required

Simply upload your files, set a price, title, description and optional cover image, and share your unique file URL with your customers on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter etc. and start earning instantly.

Secure, automated delivery

We'll handle the hosting, payment processing via Stripe and email receipts to your customers for you. All files with a price set are stored securely, and can ony be accessed by the buyer once payment has been confirmed. Our fee is 10% of your order value. This includes all payment processing fees.

Easy as 1,2,3...

1. Upload your files and share the unique URL
2. Automatically get paid, every time your file is purchased
3. Generate more sales with our simple checkout
4. Track your orders and monthly progress via your dashboard
5. Receive your earnings instantly, via your own Stripe account

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